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Posted by on Jun 18, 2018 in Family, Immigration, Politics | 0 comments

Time to Glut White House and Congressional In-Boxes with Righteous Indignation

I’ve just written the following email to the Republican senator from Ohio, Rob Portman. A similar email will soon be going to the Republican who represents the Congressional District in which I live.

It took a while for the Portman email to clear, indicating to me that the congressional email system is getting glutted with correspondence on the separation of children from their asylum-seeking parents.

Please, contact your member of Congress, as well as the White House, to protest this outrage and the lies being told to support it. Fill the electronic inboxes of the White House and the Congress to stand against this immoralm UnAmerican policy. Thanks!

Senator Portman,
You are a father and I know that you love your children.

I beg you then, to do all that you can to stop the Trump Administration’s policy of separating children from their asylum-seeking parents.

I beg you to also to do all that you can to prevent the warehousing of children in kennel-like cages.

I beg you to pressure the Trump Administration from traumatizing children for its own political purposes.

And I urge you to join other members of Congress to call Mr. Trump’s bluff by passing legislation to make what he is doing illegal. (In addition to not being mandated by any legislation that is on the books.)

The policy of separating children from parents is Un-American, unjust, and inhumane.

Thank you.