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Posted by on Nov 29, 2007 in Media | 14 comments

There Are Two Sides in American Politics? The Horror!

Yes, CNN should have known and disclosed General Keith Kerr’s links to the Clinton campaign before letting him ask his question. But you know what? It was a good question, and he was the right person to ask it. The people who act as if it’s a huge affront that Republicans had to even hear a question from someone who’s voting Democratic (Kerr is a Log Cabin Republican but is supporting Hillary Clinton this cycle) have precisely the wrong idea when it comes to American politics. The candidates should have to field queries from Americans of all stripes and backgrounds. And, contrary to the rhetoric we too often hear, there are real Americans who are Democratic, and real ones who are Republican.

Of course, as to the substance of Kerr’s question, the Republicans bombed it miserably. Special negative bonus points to Duncan Hunter for implying that Israelis didn’t possess sufficient “Judeo-Christian” values.