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Posted by on Jul 9, 2010 in Arts & Entertainment, At TMV, Breaking News, International, Media, Places | 0 comments

The World Cup: Octopus or Parakeet, Spain or The Netherlands?

I promised that I would not write anymore about Paul the clairvoyant octopus, unless…

Well, the “unless” has just happened. But first some other “breaking news.”

This “breaking story” is about a psychic Singaporean parakeet.

CBS News has just published the news that Mani, a World-Cup-forecasting parakeet–not to be outdone by Paul–has predicted that the Netherlands will win the World Cup final match against Spain:

A crowd of soccer fans leans forward as Mani, Singapore’s World Cup-forecasting parakeet, creeps out of his small wooden cage and chooses between two white cards – one hiding the flag of the Netherlands, the other Spain.

Well, the card Mani grabbed in his beak happened to have the Dutch red-white-and-blue flag.

Apparently, 13-year-old Mani, a celebrity in Singapore, has accurately forecast the World Cup’s four quarter final games and Spain’s semi final victory over Germany–just as a certain cephalopod has.

Read more about Mani and its owner, M. Muniyappan, here.

I am sure not everybody will be pleased with Mani’s pick, so get ready for parakeet recipes.

Now for the other “unless” breaking news. CNN has just reported that Paul the Octopus has once again eaten a Spanish mussel in anticipation of the World Cup final. In other words, Paul has picked Spain to win the World-Cup.

That puts the octopus directly and monumentally at odds with the parakeet and possibly will also generate a whole new cuisine such as octopus-parakeet casserole, octopus-parakeet paella–the possibilities are endless.

My apologies to octopus and parakeet owners. I am just reporting and “predicting” World Cup craziness.

Paul has also predicted that Germany will defeat Uruguay in Saturday’s third/fourth place playoff.