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Posted by on Oct 20, 2011 in Media, Politics | 5 comments

The Wall Street Journal: Perry Campaign Chartered Plane Used in Cocaine-Smuggling Ring

I have made it perfectly clear in my posts and comments that I disapprove of Rick Perry for his performance as Texas governor, for his poor and petty performance in the presidential debates and for the policies he would pursue should he be elected President.

I may have made some fun of him, such as with his Pet Rock at his family’s ranch and I may have used some less than kind words to express my dislike and disapproval.

However, I am a Democrat, and I could be forgiven for such.

But I find it strange for a Conservative newspaper, such as the Wall Street Journal, to publish a story with the titillating title, “Perry Campaign Chartered a Plane Used in Drug-Smuggling Ring,” (even with the caveat that “[t]here is nothing to indicate the Perry campaign knew about the plane’s prior history”) with all the attending innuendoes and implications — intended or unintended.

Now, if the Journal knows that there is fire with all this smoke — no pun intended — fine. But, otherwise, I am sure several “Liberal” publications would have been more than happy to carry the Journal’s strange water, and perhaps they will. (And perhaps there is some strange kind of Conservative rhyme and reason for all of this.)

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