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Posted by on Feb 6, 2011 in At TMV | 0 comments

The Super Bowl: East vs West

I must confess up front to not being a big fan of the Super Bowl. It’s not that I’m hostile to it, I’ve been to my share of Super Bowl parties and I will watch if someone else turns it on. But otherwise I’m just as happy to watch something else (I will DVR the game to catch the ads and big plays). I tend to be that way about most big sporting events, not a huge fan but not hostile either.

However there is one aspect to the game that I think kind of interesting to discuss, the east coast versus west coast view of the event.

Growing up in California, for me it was always an afternoon thing. You got up, went to church, came home and had a light lunch, then you had a few hours to kill before the game. It ended around dinnertime and so you ate what you felt like (if anything) and watched reruns on TV until bed.

If you’d gone to a friend’s house it was an easy drive home, sometimes it would even be light outside.

Honestly I never really considered that it was much different anywhere else, until a close friend moved to Florida after college.

As I am sure my east coast readers will attest, for them the game is an evening event, starting around dinnertime and often ending late at night. As a result many people find it pretty tough to get up for work the next morning, especially if they chose to ‘consume adult beverages’.

So I thought it might be fun for folks to offer their Super Bowl schedule and how they saw it growing up or how they see it today.

And for those who don’t care for the game, the Sleuth channel has a Monk marathon.