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Posted by on Sep 10, 2014 in Featured, Military, Terrorism, War | 4 comments

The President’s ISIL Speach

I would have to describe tonight’s Obama speech as  clueless.  I’m not really criticizing Obama because there are really no answers here.[icopyright one button toolbar]

 The area is a mess.  In 2013 uber hawk John McCain met with ISIS leaders and said we had to support them  to overthrow Assad while in 2014 he was inferring we had to support Assad to defeat ISIS.  Support for the so called “free Syrian army is a real Don Quixote moment – there is not such thing.  They are a rag tag group that can’t even get along with them selves.  An underling complexion is the ancient Sunni Shiite war.  The Saudis see Iran as a greater threat than ISIS and they know that Iran is already in the ground in Iraq and Syria.  The Sunnis in ISIS occupied territories may dislike ISIS but they fear the Shiites and Iranians even more.  This is truly a “Mission Impossible.”   The House of Saud can’t be too aggressive because they are in a sense dependent on support from the extremist Wahhabi who have supported ISIS and similar movements.

The President is between a rock and a hard place – there simply are no good strategies and answers.  I would not want to be President Obama right now.