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Posted by on Oct 3, 2012 in Media, Politics | 13 comments

The Predictable (and Counter Productive) Obama “Bombshell Story”

No, I won’t link to those source websites. This was so predictable. Wasn’t it? When in doubt, go back to Reverend Wright. Details HERE.

Three things:

1. This doesn’t involve even the remotest relationship to actual government or political policy. Its an old story, an old attempt, part of knee jerk political sports team behavior. (When you see “knee jerk” the second word is usually operative..)

But it’s aged — like fine wine.

Only this has the faint hint of political hatred and a whiff of race. Suitable to consume with baloney. Or THIS.

2. This will rally the GOP base but isn’t it already rallied? Isn’t Romney’s problem now winning over independent voters, peeling away Democrats who aren’t happy with Obama, or moderate Republicans who now call themselves independent voters?

3. You can also see ideological websites jumping all over this story.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I can’t see this product promoted heavily by Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity winning over anyone who is wavering. In fact, I think when people who are not into this kind of “political discussion” see this, they are turned off by the people who support a given candidate.

P.S. If this was such a terrific bombshell then you’d see the mainstream media falling all over it. You haven’t yet and they may do a story similar to this post noting that there is a lot of clamor. But it’d be akin to noting to a relative in my house that a bunch of pre-schools are calling other pre-schools names outside. And with all the issues on which people can debate and engage Barack Obama — they are bringing up Rev. Wright again?

We’ll pass on covering this video with baited breath (and that is indeed another aroma coming from this story.). Go to memeorandum to get your fix on Reverend Wright’s threat to the Republic. And keep returning there to follow it. We’ll move along on this one — as I bet most voters including swing voters will do.