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Posted by on Nov 16, 2009 in Politics | 11 comments

The Political Assassination of Greg Craig

The Obama administration’s approach was often likened to Abraham Lincoln’s “Team of Rivals,” coupled with vows of transparency and vows that an Obama administration would operate differently than George W. Busjh’s. But Steve Clemons, writing in The Daily Beast, suggests that the ouster of Greg Craig indicates such hopes have been dashed. Here’s how he starts his piece:

The White House counsel was done in by a scurrilous leaks campaign. So much for the Obama team’s pledge to be transparent, forthright and accountable for their actions.

Gregory Craig, White House counsel to President Obama and national security advisor to Obama during the presidential campaign, resigned his post this past Friday. But when rumors broke Thursday of his imminent departure, Craig had not written his farewell note and may not have planned to leave – yet.

Since the summer, word had been leaking that Greg Craig’s days were numbered and that Obama campaign legal counsel Bob Bauer would be moving in to take Craig’s spot. But the situation seemed similar to the leaks about National Security Adviser Jim Jones’ supposedly tenuous hold on his job—which were either untrue, or turned around by Jones’ performance. The leaks about Craig also seemed unfounded—especially in light of direct statements from the White House that the statements were untrue and that he was not departing.

Some observers are now calling this incident the Obama team’s first assassination by leak…

…The sustained nature of the leaks and—and the fact that they ultimately proved to be true—indicates something quite disappointing for anyone who had hoped that the Obama White House would operate more transparently and honestly than the Bush team had.

Who does he think was a key player in dumping Craig? Read it in full.