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Posted by on Oct 24, 2010 in Politics, Religion, Society | 0 comments

The Noble Sacrifice of a Heroic Midget

Erick Erickson:

This is precisely what is happening in the battle between the tea party and the establishment. The establishment controls the major party machines, the media, the fundraising tools, etc. The tea party is not in a fight against the Democrats or Republicans, but the establishment, which has grown out of touch with the people and is destroying the country. Democrat and Republican alike, the leadership of each is terrible and given voice by a media that is largely incapable of relating to the concerns of a group labeled fringe yet driving the election.

The tea partiers are the midgets. The establishment politicians and media are the tigers.

In Delaware, Christine O’Donnell is the midget sacrificing herself to the tiger of the mainstream media and establishment.

The odds are stacked against Christine O’Donnell. Thanks to the industriousness of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, the Senate GOP Leadership, the Delaware GOP Leadership, and the assorted pundits, journalists, and other talking heads on TV and in print, Christine O’Donnell is really taking one for the team and will likely not make it past the tigers.

But because of Christine O’Donnell’s willing sacrifice, the tigers are distracted. With only about twenty-two days left, the tigers are just now trying to refocus on Sharron Angle, Ken Buck, Mike Lee, Joe Miller, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Pat Toomey, and Ron Johnson. Meanwhile, for the past five weeks or so, these candidates have built up leads or drawn even with their opponents.

She is a modern Joan of Arc, declares Vassar Bushmills, also at Redstate. And she is a dragon-slayer, like the “three military saints” of old. And the dragon she slays (or Satan himself, more bluntly), is Chris Coons:

Slaying the Enemy

In any case, all this gnashing of teeth ends the day Christine O’Donnell gets elected…a permanent carbuncle removed from the behind of conservatism, a tightening garrote around the throat of the Democrats, and an oh-so-good-feeling swift kick in the pants of a quickly departing army of Wormtongue’s who have been vexations to our spirits since Ronald Reagan’s second term.

A Saint She Ain’t..

…but a Martyr She Needn’t be…for the D stands for “Diablo”

…and a child of El Diablo is Chris Coons, Delaware, as pointed out so perfectly by Uma Ritchie right here at Red State. Puedo oler el sulfuro de aquí.  (I can smell the sulfur from here.)

In Orthodox eastern Europe they especially venerate three military saints, St Georgi (George) slaying the Dragon, St Dmitri (Demetrius) slaying the Turks, and the Archangel St Michael defeating the Devil. St Michael is my favorite, for I like the idea that one of God’s inner circle is packing, and knows how to use it.

The worst is yet to come, though. He compares O’Donnell to Rosa Parks:

Americans have always had something like this triumvirate, as well; George Washington, Sergeant York, Audie Murphy, Ike, real heroes for every period of our history, giant killers from every station of life. Not a few are women, Rosa Parks comes to mind, and a whole bunch never asked for the job. A string of Li’l David’s to an array of Goliaths, that’s American history, only now we’re asked to forget it.

Sometimes events simply dump in a person’s lap the immediate call to act and to achieve. Again, Rosa Parks comes to mind. I can think of a lot of people inside our movement I’d handpick over Christine O’Donnell to smite the Democrat dragon, but in truth, maybe it was the Enemy itself that chose her because they thought she could be beaten so easily. They picked her, not me. Sometimes, history can turn on just such a single misstep…to tell one single, tiny, defenseless woman she can’t sit in the front of the bus. Philistines!

Oh my, what joy there will be across America, Delaware, if you reach up and smite this dragon. Read Uma Ritchie’s article about what happened to poor Venezuela when they didn’t, because it was their last chance to ever choose. Or…

…you can make your own deal with Lucifer, Delaware. But if you do, you burn with him. It’s your call.

Hat tip to Barrett Brown at The League of Ordinary Gentlemen.