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Posted by on Dec 31, 2015 in Arts & Entertainment | 6 comments

The Joy Of Reading

BooksandPipeI read a lot these days since I’m retired, have a lot of spare time and really don’t like television or even movies. There is something about reading that stimulates the imagination.  Although I still  read some non fiction I must admit when I read these days I’m trying to escape.  I read a lot of Science Fiction – visiting fictional worlds is truly an escape. Over at VOX Amy McLay Paterson posts an essay on the books she read in 2015. Like me she frequently doesn’t finish all the books she starts. I on occasion don’t make it beyond the first chapter. This may  be a mistake because in the past books have grown on me after awhile. One of the best nonfiction books I  read this year was about the Moors in Spain.  The history we are taught in school neglects to tell us how important to the Renaissance in Europe they were. But I mostly try to escape when I read. I apologize for not doing many book reviews recently but they are a lot of work and I’m growing lazy in my old age..