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Posted by on Dec 9, 2018 in At TMV, Politics | 0 comments


Youth, coming through all over the Globe look up to the American President.
Years ago, growing up in Pakistan, I was one such youth.

How can they be so gracious to their opponents, the ease with which they put the country before self, their better ideals translating the larger World issues, their standing up in the face of tyranny, genocide, and brutal dictators, their grace, poise and reflection, their push for excellence and always for a better tomorrow, the list goes on and on.

Still, no one living person or position on the planet is more influential than that of the American President and especially for the younger generations and thereby shaping the future of this World in more ways than we all realize.

Some things of late have distorted this image though.
Clinton’s cigars, a personal failing, took some away from an otherwise fine stint and reminded me that Presidents are after all human.

The reverberations of W’s bad Intel War are still being felt today, though George W. Bush was a decent person, and I am not sure if any other President would have reacted differently to the same Intel.

However, the damage being and already done to the Office of the American Presidency and American repute at large by Trump et al. is in a league of its own. How much of this damage is salvageable once America and the World are done with Trump is held by the morrow.

The 24/7 news with analysis, over analysis and over over analysis may actually be helping Trump to distract by promptly spreading the banana peels and continuing to muddy the waters.

As the World awaits good and decent people to lead America again, may long live the seat of the American Presidency and through it our value system of a Leader Nation through example, inspiration and doing of the right thing with or against the odds.