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Posted by on Jul 30, 2014 in Featured, Law, Politics | 11 comments

The impeachment thing

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There is no impeachment thing. Both sides are using it as a vote-catching threat. [icopyright one button toolbar]

All this impeachment bluster also may be laying down the terms of engagement for another battle, should Obama soon — as many expect — take executive action to protect millions of illegal immigrants from the threat of deportation.

Republicans are saying that such a move would far exceed the president’s constitutional authority. But whether they will go so far as to begin impeachment proceedings remains to be seen.

“This is the ultimate test of Lucy and Charlie Brown,” Gingrich said, referring to the famous trick that one Peanuts comic character pulls on another. “The president is playing Lucy, and saying, ‘Look at the football,’ and seeing if Charlie Brown is dumb enough to come and kick the football.” ...WaPo

It’s smart on the part of Dems to keep this going. It could turn out to be real motivation for voting. That’s a short term blessing, though. The question about when we might return to sanity remains unanswered.

Meanwhile, how about Boehner’s lawsuit?

Many legal experts question whether the courts would even take the suit. Republican strategists acknowledge privately that filing it would be merely symbolic and designed as a safety valve, to release some steam among the most strident in their party’s base. …WaPo

Which is what this is really about. Not Democrats, not Obama, but about the internal cracks in the Republican structure. The lawsuit’s nothing more than rubber cement, hastily applied and trying to make it look as though the Republicans have their act together.

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