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Posted by on Dec 29, 2008 in War | 9 comments

The Hopelessness in the Gaza-Israel Relationship

This is it:

As for the Palestinians, they plan to declare victory regardless of what happens. If the IDF withdraws rapidly, without a ground operation and without having seriously reduced the rocket fire, Hamas will boast that it survived and Israel blinked first.

But Hamas officials and analysts said Monday that the organization would actually like Israel to launch a ground operation; it hopes this would let it inflict such heavy losses on Israeli tanks and infantry that Israel would flee with its tail between its legs.

Coupled with Ehud Barak declaring that they’ll fight to the bitter end?

What happened to Tzipi Livni’s get them to stop launching rockets?

What the hell governs the moves over there?

Someone I respect mentioned to me a perspective that should be considered: the embryonic nature of nation-building for the Palestinians. But does that mean international relations must also be characterized by immaturity — from both the Israelis and Hamas?

Come on, Arab League. Get in there.