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Posted by on Mar 21, 2010 in Breaking News, Economy, Health, Politics | 14 comments

The Health Care Fight is Already Over – Now What?

Just in case you did not know this already: The Health Care Bill, if voted on today, will pass by a razor thin minority. Why? Because the vote is on a Sunday. What are the consequences for both sides of the political spectrum for the mid-term elections in seven months?

For Republicans, it means that they will pick up seats in both bodies of Congress. For Democratic members, the irony of Obama’s victory is that they will lose their seats because Obama spent so much political capital on this health care bill (that won’t be active until 2014) that he forgot about the one thing that could have saved his super-majority; getting Americans back to work.

Job recovery and growth should have been the foundation to build his political base. If he had succeeded in getting people back to work, Obama could have used that momentum to get health care passed after the mid-terms. Unfortunately, the health care victory today may be his last major piece of domestic legislation.

The diagnosis of Obama’s health care push – questionable policy choice and bad politics. See you on the other side.