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Posted by on Jan 19, 2019 in At TMV, Society | 0 comments

The Hathora (Hammer) Group and the Me Too Movement

Note: A victim of a crime is a victim only, without blame or shame, a victim only.

Recently someone I know approached me with his experience of being at the receiving end of the Me Too Movement, an experience which devastated his life as he felt wrongly accused. I do not know the merits of the case, but it did get me thinking some.

Me Too Movement, is real and here to stay and has brought with a lot of virtue, awareness, and justice. There may however be another edge to this sword.

Decades ago in Pakistan, a gang of criminals was killing people by smashing their skulls with a hathora (hammer) and hence their name, the Hathora group. Turns out that many people outside this group settled their personal enmity by killing their opponents in the same way, skull bashing with a blunt object, to lay the blame on the Hathora group.

I have no doubt that most of the, Me Too Movement, is genuine, but is there a small portion which is not?

I also have a question with some of the, Me Too, circumstances.
If a person is putting themselves in a situation where nudity, alcohol and possibly drugs are all free-flowing and then chooses to stay and advance themselves within these ingredients, could it be that a less than optimal end result for them is in some part their fault too?

Harvey Weinstein may be a terrible person, but after playing friends, party and alcohol, a scantily clad lady, accepting his invitation to visit his room is expecting what exactly?

I am a feminist. There is a lot of good which has come out from the Me Too Movement, but like many other good things, I believe it can be a double-edged sword which needs to be wielded with extreme care, honesty, and due diligence.