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Posted by on Feb 29, 2012 in Politics | 4 comments

The GOP Scorecard: By The Numbers, Romney Is Far Ahead

Although media pundits keep saying that Republican voters are lukewarm towards Mitt Romney, he’s won more states and has far more delegates (soft and hard) than any of his remaining opponents.

Iowa was a tie.

Romney (136 soft delegates, 103 hard delegates) won New Hampshire, Florida, Maine, Nevada and Arizona; he appears to have also won Michigan, which could add as much as 15 soft and 15 hard delegates to that total.

New Gingrich (43 soft delegates, 29 hard delegates) won South Carolina.

Rick Santorum (43 soft delegates, 3 hard delegates) won Colorado and Minnesota; the Missouri vote was non-biding, conventions happen in April and May. He could add as much as 13 soft and 13 hard delegates to his total based on the vote in Michigan.

Ron Paul (35 soft delegates, 8 hard delegates) has not won a contest.

Nevertheless, it’s a long time until August.

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GOP Scorecard - 2012 Primary

Chart from WiredPen.