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Posted by on Dec 11, 2006 in At TMV | 12 comments

The GOP and Giuliani

Is he America’s next President?
Ed Morrissey has quite an interesting post up: GOP Bloggers has their monthly Presidential Straw Poll running again, square in the middle of voting season here on the blogs. Once again, blog readers can cast their votes from their favorite blogs in order to allow analysis from each blog about their readers’ choices. It looks like the latest entrants into the race have been added this time:

2008 GOP Primary Straw Poll

Which candidates would you accept as the 2008 GOP nominee and which would you find unacceptable, and who is your first choice?
(Make sure to pick BOTH who you find acceptable and who is your first choice.)

The results, regarding the choice of Ed’s readers, so far?

1306 ballots cast from (View Blogosphere-wide Results)

First Choice:
Giuliani 430 32.9%
Gingrich 322 24.7%
Romney 282 21.6%

And in general?

4468 ballots cast

First Choice:
Gingrich 1302 29.1%
Giuliani 1069 23.9%
Romney 893 20%

[candidate acceptability, Giuliani third (2767), right behind Romney (3021) and Gingrich (2980)

Obviously, one has to be very careful to conclude anything serious from this… nonetheless: quite some people argue that it’s close to impossible for Giuliani to win the nomination of the Republican party in 08. If we are willing to interpret these polls as a sign, life doesn’t seem all that bad for Giuliani and his supporters.

As should be obvious by now to everyone who reads TMV on a regular basis, I am one of the more conservative co-bloggers here. However, I am not a social conservative. Economically yes, foreign policy yes, socially no. In other words, I have a lot of sympathy for Giuliani and what he stands for. McCain is, in my opinion, drifting too far to the right nowadays… so, if I were American, I would seriously consider voting for and actively supporting Giuliani. He’s as moderate as Republicans come these days. He will be able to unite America, he will most likely be better at diplomacy than certain other potential candidates and he will not limit certain basic freedoms and he will not persue legislation that might hurt the economy, etc. All in all, not a bad choice.