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Posted by on Jan 12, 2019 in Gays, Society | 0 comments

The Gay Say (a shrinking space for many a voice)

Recently Kevin Hart is in the news with some old comments and jokes about the Gay community and his standing down from hosting the Oscars. He has apologized and wants to move forward but without being an ally of the LGBTQ community. I for one am comfortable with that position and believe that he should be hosting the Oscars after all.

Seemingly as a society, we are fast approaching a place where it is becoming increasingly difficult to say almost anything without aggravating someone else. Also, that second chance is becoming harder to come by.

Even for comedians, it appears that the, do not go there zone, is growing as we are all getting wound up and easy to offend. Social media it seems is the new sheriff in town often the judge, jury, and executioner all by itself.

Now let me dissect this dialogue a little further.

I am all for being friends with, working alongside, respecting the person, having equal opportunities and not targeting the Gay community in any way for their sexual preference. However, please do not expect me to support such orientation which I do not believe in.

Now should I stay in submission or be scared to talk about this even?
Should such an opinion have a repercussion?
Am I getting this wrong, anyone?