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Posted by on Dec 18, 2008 in At TMV | 0 comments

The American Dream: The World’s Real ‘X-Factor’: The Global Geographic Times, China

While many people consider China to be the ‘X-Factor’ of the 21st century, according to this op-ed article from that country’s state-controlled Global Geographic Times, the real wild card is which of the new wrinkles in the American dream proposed by Barack Obama will end up coming true, and how the world will be effected by his relative success or failure. It says in part:

“Obama has become a symbol of reform – and that’s a good thing. America needs reform. The world is waiting to see if America can change some of its own scumbag-evil defects. Otherwise, if it tries to play world leader, the rest of us will be less likely to accept it. … Americans like to dream – dare to dream – but of all the American dreams that Obama has stirred, how many can be made real?”

By Ding Gang [??]*

Translated By Mark Klingman

November 6, 2008

Global Geographic Weekly – People’s Republic of China – Original Article (Chinese)

Americans always say that the rise of China is the greatest “X Factor” of this century. Now it’s our turn to say a few words about America.

After the U.S. presidential election, it was announced that Obama won. In China too, there were people cheering along, saying this was “a miracle of the American dream.” I haven’t experienced the American dream, and neither do I know whether Americans see Obama’s election in this way. Certainly, on the electoral map a large piece of territory was red (states that McCain won). One thing I’m sure of is that the American dream is the American dream, not the world’s dream. The world can’t afford the American dream!

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