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Posted by on Jan 8, 2019 in Media, Politics | 0 comments

Take a Peek at The Bulwark: the new home for exiled The Weekly Standard writers

Good news for conservatives, moderates and liberals who wanted to read some serious conservatism commentary that doesn’t consist of regurgitation of Trump administration talking points or conservative entertainment talk radio (which is often the same thing). For those who want to consider other ideas and takes on the news or society and who and fall into the class of Republicans who don’t let their analysis be dictated or jettisoned by Kellyanne Coway, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity or Ann Coulter, Take A Peek at The Bulwark — a new online publication complete with podcast that is headed by non-Trumpublican conservatives Bill Kristol and Charlie Sykes.

In fact, The Bulkwark is at its birth what Israel has become to Jews: a needed homeland. In the case of The Bulwark, it’s for exiled traditional conservatives edged out as much of conservative print/online media is dominated by Trumpublicans. A big chunk of the talented staff at this new publication were stalwarts of the respected conservative magazine The Weekly Standard.

They literally had their political rug and seeming careers pulled out from under them when The Standard’s owner decided to close it — reportedly due to a business decision but also widely believed to be because The Weekly Standard’s writers remained highly critical of Donald Trump and what Trump has done to the onetime Grand Old Party. (In case you’ve been asleep, most Republicans have either been silent or adjusted their ideas to Trumpism, which would likely have gone after Ronald Reagan if he was a current state governor. Discarding old ideas and principles to fit in with what The Leader thinks was common in several countries in the 20th century that veered towards or completely consolidated authoritarianism).

Read The Bulwark, or at least visit it. Even if you don’t agree with it. In these days of clickbait websites — and a clickbait White House — when norms and even the American “givens” of democracy are under systematic attack, give The Bulwark some deserved hits. Readers of The Moderate Voice may not agree with every piece in The Bulwark — which has as its slogan “conservatism conserved” — but I’m betting they will always respect the articles they read and the writers who are not knee-jerk.

Take a Peek at The Bulwark and I’m betting you’ll take a daily peek.

PS: And it is worth following Bill Kristol on Twitter @BillKristol and Charlie Sykes as well @SykesCharlie (and if you go on twitter there’s a guy named Joe Gandelman you can follow as well @JoeGandelman. I have followed him for years.