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Posted by on Feb 16, 2007 in At TMV | 7 comments

Take A Peek

peek.jpg…at Patrick Ruffini’s blog.

Ruffini describes himself as “a blogger and online strategist dedicated to helping Republicans and conservatives achieve dominance in a networked era.” So he makes no bones about him being a Republican, just as some bloggers make no bones about being Democrats (and we make no bones about being perfect in every way..). It’s a smart and classy looking site, with non-screeching, non-angry takes on the issues from a Republican point of view, plus he’s not on the warfare against bloggers on the left or anywhere else. His focus is on issues.

And his take on the issues doesn’t sound like something regurgitated from talk radio or another blog. His preferred candidate: Rudy Giuliani.

Take A Peek at Patrick Ruffini’s issue-oriented blog and we know you’ll be taking more than a daily peek.

EDIT by MvdG
Actual link to Patrick’s blog put in the post.

H/t to Gray