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Posted by on Jul 22, 2007 in At TMV | 1 comment

Take A Peek…..

….at News Groper, a truly unusual and remarkable site.

Just imagine a news site with more and more stellar bloggers than The Huffington Post. If you do, News Groper is it.

The truly A List bloggers include President George Bush, Al Gore, Ann Coulter, Bill Gates, Bill Clinton and a mind-blogging list of many more.

They probably never dreamed they’d see a day when they’d be blogging.

And actually, the day hasn’t arrived yet.

Because News Groper is a world-class political parody website. Click on one of the posts “by” one of the famous political types and you’ll get a wonderfully written and often laugh-out-loud parody.

There are a huge number of posts to read but for starters read:
Here’s what I will and won’t talk about by Senator John McCain
Democracy hangs by a thread in New Jersey by Nancy Grace
The agenda for my 135 minutes as commander-in-chief by Dick Cheney

Good political parody is hard to do on a consistent basis. But since the quality is so high in initial News Groper entries, and their raw material to parody gets sillier and ore outrageous by the minute, its prospects to build, maintain and expand its readership are good.

Take A Peek at News Groper and we KNOW you’ll be taking a daily peek..