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Posted by on Aug 27, 2013 in Crime, Featured, Government, Health, Mental Health, Military, Politics, Terrorism, War | 2 comments

Syria: Part 1: Ten Points Compared to Washington State, USA


1. Like the United States of America being that nation’s actual name, [not America, and not the United States–]
Syria’s formal name is Syrian Arab Republic

2. Syria is equal in land area to the size of the State of Washington in the United States.

–Generally Syria is about 1/70th the size of the overall land mass of the entire USA.

3. Whereas inland water in the State of Washington covers nearly 7% of the land area,

–in Syria, the inland water covers barely more than 1% of the land mass.

4. Population of the State of Washington is nearly 7 million persons.

–Syria’s population is estimated to be 22 million persons, 3 times Washington State’s population in the same land area.

5. Median income in the State of Washington is $58,000 annually.

–In Syria, the median income is $2,800- $5,100 annually” Less than 1/10 the income of a citizen of Washington State.

6. In Washington State the gross state product is $351.5 billion+/- annually.

–The GDP Gross Domestic Product in Syria, is $60 billion to $108=/- billion annually [as reported by Syria, 2011].

–Washington State with 2/3rds fewer people than Syria, has three times the gross State product than Syria’s national gross product.

7. Syria has vast oil fields but they are ‘old’ and production is down and their output is estimated to continue going down. Some say Syria’s exports in oil have been in the last few years decreased by 35%.

–Washington State appears to bring more revenue from spearmint oil and peppermint oil, than petroleum [seriously].

8. Washington State has many old ancestry and religious groups: German, Irish, English, Hispanic, Norwegian, Russian, and more. The State also has 7+% persons of Asian ancestry, Native American peoples 1.5%, African Americans, 3.6% and Whites 72%. Nearly 5% of the population hails from more than one race.

–Syria has many many tribal and heritage groups too, and also many sects of Islam as well as many sects of Christianity. There are also groups of Syrian Jewish people. [More on this in part 2].

9. The largest City in Syria, is Aleppo, which has been harmed many times by many different groups invading and/or occupying against the Syrian people’s will, including in fire wars/civil wars in 2011, 2012. Though Damascus is the capitol of Syria, Allepo was the city at the end of the Silk Road and thus prospered greatly, until the caravans were detoured by the Suez Canal being completed in 1869. Many think the decline of traders may have helped to preserve the ancient churches and edifices and wells of the city.

–The largest city in Washington State is Seattle, named after a venerable tribal man, Chief Seattle. The lands of Washington, including Puget Sound have been claimed by many different groups of people over the last five centuries: Russians, the Spanish, English, tribal people, and has had its own resistance groups and deadly skirmishes between groups, including the Cayuse Wars which were some of the worst and saddest of murders and retaliations and likely unjust executions that still live in memory. Though many think of Washington State, and especially Seattle as the groundnote of a digital economy, like Allepo and throughout Syria, the works people put themselves to are similar: Washington is a big producer of apples, lentils, dry edible peas, hops, pears, red raspberries, sweet cherries, apricots, asparagus, grapes, peppermint oil, and potatoes. Livestock and livestock products create significant farm revenue as does the commercial fishing: salmon, halibut, etc. Also Syria produces a huge number of agri products as well.

10. The President of Syria is Mr. Bashar al-Assad. He is 47 years old. His religion is Alahite, as is his heritage. He is a medical doctor, also training in Britain in an opthomology residency. His father chose him to mentor into politics, opening doors for his son, who gained more and more power as a result, medical interests left behind. He speaks English and French. At age 34, he married a British woman of Syrian heritage [13 years ago]. They have three children. Mr. Bashar has been given high awards by Brazil, Venezuela, Iran, Lebanon, Italy and the Vatican, and has had his picture taken with dignitaries from those nations. [More in Part 2]. Ironically before he came to power, he helped Syria to have internet access. However from 2008-2011 and some report now as well, he has ordered shut down of access at internet cafes, blocked access to YouTube, and Facebook, and attempted to interrupt other means of communication used by Syrian citizens.

–The Governor of Washington State is Jay Inslee, age 64, married at age 23 to his wife Trudi [now married for 41 years]: they were high school sweethearts, and have three grown sons. Governor Inslee \earned his legal degree and practised as a lawyer for ten years before turning to public service, running as a conservationist and as a Democrat. He was awarded a “Friend of the National Parks” award by the National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA) for his support of legislation protecting the National Park System. Governor is considered an expert on high tech issues, expanding access and reach for citizens. He is a member of “Hoopaholics”, a charity group dedicated to “treatment of old guys addicted to basketball and who can no longer jump”. He has had his picture taken with Barack Obama when he played a charity game of basketball with the President.

Note: the images above are of Aleppo, Syrian Arab Republic.
The image below, size of Syria in relation to the world.