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Posted by on Jun 1, 2009 in At TMV | 15 comments

Suspect in Murder of Dr. Tiller Allegedly Member of ‘Operation Rescue’ Forum

51 year-old Scott Roeder is being held on one count of 1st degree murder (pre-meditated) of Dr. Tiller, and two counts of aggravated assault as witnesses reported Roeder aimed his firearm at them, threatening them as they tried to intervene.

Susan Peters, a reporter with KAKE, says “In a post from May, 2007 on Operation Rescue’s website, the suspect Roeder writes “… sometime soon would it be feasable to organize as many people as possible to attend Tiller’s church. (inside not just outside) to possibly ask questions of the pastor, deacons, elders and members while there?”

According to a website called “Militia Watchdog”, Roeder was sentenced to 16 months in prison for parole violations following a 1996 arrest near Topeka for posession of explosive devices in his car trunk.

Miss Peters, KAKE reporter, also spoke with Roeder’s ex-wife who said “…he did some time in El Dorado there, but he got out on a technicality because they didnt have the right kind of search warrant apparently”.

Roeder has been divorced for 12 years. He has a 22 year old son with his former wife, and his ex says their son “has mimimal contact with his father… He doesnt share any of his dads views… religiously or poltically…neither do I”

The KAKE reporter says one of the reasons for the Roeder breakup over a decade ago, was because of what [the ex-wife today, calls] “his radical views.”

“He was very vocal about his feelings of abortion…he has been like this for several years. He was a part of different miltiia things… anti-government, anti-abortion, obviously, and just alot of anti-stuff”

Aside from the oddball coincidence of last name ROEder and ‘ROE vs Wade,’ and the root of both these, in late Middle English, roge referring to “masses of eggs” … it appears that there will be more facts forthcoming in the morning when Mr. Roeder is formally charged, and as his alleged writings at Operation Rescue and elsewhere online are mulled over by bloggers and mainstream media alike. If the writings are truly his, they may become the prosecutorial proofs offered to the court, and eventual jury, as evidence of premeditative state of mind.

When Roeder was arrested yesterday, he asked no questions about why he was being arrested…