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Posted by on Jan 13, 2015 in France, Politics, Terrorism | 37 comments

Suddenly the American right feels sorry for France


Suddenly the American right feels sorry for France:

The conservatives are guilty of a bit of inconsistency, if not hypocrisy, in criticizing the Obama administration for snubbing a people they not long ago called cheese-eating surrender monkeys.

But, ça ne fait rien. It’s très bien that Francophobia has waned on the American right, and that the land of Lafayette, socialist government and all, is again in conservatives’ good graces. …

…“Our president should have been there, because we must never hesitate to stand with our allies,” proclaimed Sen. Ted Cruz, the Republican agent provocateur from Texas. …DanaMilbank,WaPo

Well, yes — we should have had represention in the Paris march. But reports of the day remind us the French manage to impress us way more than our conservative leaders do. As Milbank says, our conservatives have inconsistency and hypocrisy to answer for.

And let’s not even mention how much and how often they embarrass non-conservative America. Rubio and Cruz, inter alia, seem routinely oblivious to their party’s routine trampling on liberté, égalité, et fraternité.

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