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Posted by on Mar 4, 2012 in Breaking News, Politics, Satire | 0 comments

Stunning Russian Election Shocker!

With everything so stacked against him, who could have possibly predicted this? Putin wins!


In the meantime, I struggle to think what to say about the mess of a phony election in Iran, except it’s good(?) that the illegitimately “elected” President Ahmabignutjob is getting spanked by the Ayatollahs. Um, yay? I guess?

You know, if I had a few billion dollars to play with, here’s what I’d do:

Put about third of it toward trying to quietly undermine despotic regimes like these, another third toward building a private moon colony, and about another third toward trying to find ways to help individual entrepreneurs and innovators escape the clutches of Big Education, Big Business, and Big Government (the troika of power in this country). Anyone got a few billion lying around for me to play with? It’s not a very big agenda…

(This item cross-posed to Dean’s World.)