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Posted by on Jan 2, 2009 in Arts & Entertainment, Politics, Society | 1 comment

Stewart-Huckabee Marriage Interview a ‘Top Gay Video of 2008’

Here’s #4 in 365gay’s Top 8 gay videos of 2008

Separately, and significantly, David Bianculli named the Daily Show #1 in his Top 10 TV List of 2008. And when Terry Gross asked on Fresh Air recently if he could give an example of how the comedy shows have demonstrated a new model for the political interview, Bianculli said the Huckabee interview was a great example:

Mike Huckabee was promoting a book, but Stewart was more interested in talking to him about his political stance. And this was – usually the Jon Stewart segments – the interviews are one segment and a few minutes long. This one was a double segment and monopolized most of the show and went many minutes without even trying to go for a laugh. This is supposed to be a comedy news show, and Jon Stewart is probing Mike Huckabee on his stand against gay marriage… It’s not going for a gotcha. It’s like trying to go to the essence… He respects Huckabee. He’s had him on the show a bunch of times. And it’s sort of, like, here’s this nice guy, this funny guy, this politician who’s done a lot of good things. And like, but why, why is he here on this issue? And he’s really trying to understand it.

#1 in 365gay’s list is Prop 8: The Musical!

Via Pam Spaulding.