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Posted by on Dec 28, 2008 in Politics, Society | 8 comments

‘Star Spanglish Banner’ – Worse than the ‘Magic Negro’

Everybody is jumping over Chip Saltsman for including the song “Barack the Magic Negro” in his Christmas “present” to fellow RNC members. But few have notice another doozy in the Paul Shanklin-vintage collection: a parody of Mexican immigrants called “Star Spanglish Banner.”

Here’s a fine YouTube presentation of this work of “parody.”

Now, getting to Tony Campbell’s point about the political imbecility of pushing the Magic Negro song after such an electoral shellacking, doesn’t it seem more damaging that a front-runner for RNC Chair would be mocking the aspirations of Latinos to achieve the American dream? African Americans may be lost to the GOP. But it’s the Latino population that is growing by leaps and bounds – and in the critical Southwest. Did the GOP learn nothing by baiting Latinos the last few years? Is the GOP not content to lose Florida, Colorado and New Mexico? Must Arizona fall to the Democrats for the GOP to realize that anti-Latino bigotry is an electoral loser? What about Texas? If Latinos in Texas voted Democratic at rates they do in Illinois, New York and California, Texas would be on the verge of blue-state status. Is this parody song designed to test the willingness of economically and socially conservative Latinos in Texas to stay in a party that mocks their very pretensions of American-ness?