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Posted by on Sep 16, 2012 in International, Politics, Society, War | 6 comments

Sorry Bibi – Americans don’t want to fight your war

Bibi Netanyahu has been all over American TV trying to influence the election and get the U.S. to attack Iran.

The American people want no part of it.

The bad news first: Who can blame them? There’s a constant stream of misinformation out there, and so a stunning majority of 66 percent of Americans don’t know that U.S. intelligence agencies think Iran has not made a decision to build a nuclear weapon.


While nearly two-thirds of Americans see Iran as a threat (down a bit from two years ago), slightly more still want their government to talk to the Iranians. What don’t Americans want? A war with Iran, especially not a unilateral one (my emphasis):

A slim majority (51%) opposes UN authorization of a military strike against Iran’s nuclear energy facilities, with a substantial minority (45%) supporting such action. A far broader majority (70%) opposes a unilateral strike by the United States if Iran continues to enrich uranium but the Security Council does not authorize a military strike. 

That means even some of those Americans who think Iran is hellbent on developing weapons—or that Iran already has them—don’t support an attack.

Americans aren’t that keen on the idea of an Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear program either: 59 percent of respondents to the Chicago Council said the U.S. shouldn’t commit military forces to help Israel in the event that an Israeli initiated-strike touches off a broader conflict. Nearly four-in-ten said the U.S. should jump in.

Now a majority of Americans are tired of mid east wars.  Obama’s refusal to go along with Netanyahu  is probably one of the reasons  he leads Romney on Foreign Policy and defense.  Romney continues to mimic the neoconservatives and Netanyahu at his own risk.

h/t Doug Mataconis

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