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Posted by on Nov 26, 2008 in Politics | 7 comments

Senator Bill Clinton? Just Shoot Me Now, Please.

bill_hillary_clinton.jpgYou know, it seems like it was only last week when I was reflecting on one of the positive aspects of Hillary Clinton’s possible appointment as Secretary of State, that being the fact that we here in New York would finally get our other Senate seat back. (Ok, it actually was last week.) But now a couple of sadistic editorialists at the Washington Post have taken it upon themselves to ruin my holiday meal before I even get a chance to eat it.

Send Bill Clinton to the Senate

Amid the blizzard of résumés blanketing Washington as the Obama era dawns, there is a superbly qualified candidate for full employment whose name has been overlooked. We refer, of course, to William Jefferson Clinton, America’s 42nd chief executive and commander in chief. Yet now, by a wonderful combination of circumstances, comes an opportunity to harness his unquestioned political talents to benefit his country, the Democratic Party, New York state and his spouse. If, as is expected, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton becomes secretary of state, New York Gov. David Paterson could send her husband to the U.S. Senate.

We will return you to your regularly scheduled political analysis and commentary as soon as I finish banging my head on my desk.

Ah. That’s better.

Over at Hot Air, our friend Ed Morrissey (who seems to delight in finding political stories which make me want to start cutting myself) reflects on this radical suggestion.

In fact, Meyer and Brysac fail to come up with any compelling reason to select Bill, other than the supposed “dazzle” that Meyer and Brysac feel. It’s the print version of a thrill up the leg, and it’s even less supportable than Chris Matthews’ crush on Barack Obama. Instead of lining up Bill’s actual merits and comparing them to potential selections with actual futures in the party like Andrew Cuomo, Caroline and Robert Kennedy, or current members of Congress, the pair seem more enamored of gender-bending for gender-bending’s sake.

Furthermore, do the Democrats have anyone worthwhile not named Clinton? And do actual New Yorkers exist, or will the Empire State continue to import its Senators from Arkansas?

And that’s really the question, isn’t it? We’ve been putting up with this nonsense for going on eight years now. We have a number of up and comers in both parties here who would likely jump at the chance for a fast move to the upper chamber, and represent our interests well on the Hill. Michael Arcuri is in his second term in the House from the 24th District, has survived the full vetting process with aplomb, and has sparked a great deal of interest. He is only one of any number of actual New Yorkers with applicable experience, promising futures and, oh by the way, grew up here in the Empire State.

The sad thing is, after watching the ease with which the DNC was able to unload Hillary on us and the rock star qualities of the Clintons which seem to bedazzle New Yorkers to the point where they take leave of their senses, Bill would probably win any reelection bid in a walk. Let us hope that our Governor either doesn’t read the Washington Post on a regular basis or just assumes that this article was some sort of a prank.