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Posted by on Aug 6, 2012 in Guest Contributor, Politics | 3 comments

Sen. Harry Reid’s Chief of Staff David Krone Blasts Republicans as “Cowards” and “Henchmen” Over Romney Taxes

Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) chief of staff David Krone is doubling down on the Republicans over Reid’s comment that GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney didn’t pay taxes for 10 years, blasting them as “cowards” and “henchmen” for their attacks on his boss.

“They’re a bunch of cowards, and they’re avoiding the issue,” said David Krone, Reid’s chief of staff, in an interview with POLITICO on Sunday night. “Lindsey Graham, Reince Priebus — they’re a bunch of henchmen for Romney, and they’re all reading off the same talking points. They couldn’t hold a candle to Harry Reid.”

Krone added: “What Harry Reid said is the fact of what he was told. To turn it around, all their childish rants this weekend about calling Reid a ‘liar’ and all that, it just shows you how scared they are that Harry Reid was telling the truth.” Source: Politico

I don’t know what the truth Mitt Romney tax situation for the last 10 years, but I am bothered by the fact that he is also doubling down and not releasing any more returns. That points towards something so bad being in his tax returns that he would rather bear the heat rather than do the right thing. This lends some credence to Harry Reid’s claims that something is amiss. This issue is going to follow Mitt Romney into the presidential debates where he will have to answer questions and risk looking like he’s talking out of both sides of his mouth. Well, we already know that to be the case.

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