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Posted by on Apr 13, 2009 in Politics | 12 comments

Hannity Skewered By One of His Own for Disparaging the President

Predictably, Sean Hannity had nothing good to say about the President’s role in the heroic and successful rescue of Captain Richard Phillips

During his show tonight, he lambasted the President for really not playing any kind of active role—that, as a law enforcement operation, all the procedures and actions were “prescribed“ and Obama had no role in them—and for “grabbing credit” away from the captain.

Regrettably for Hannity, he happened to ask for a second opinion from Bernie Goldberg —no liberal slouch.

Bernie Goldberg left Hannity totally embarrassed and almost speechless when he came to the defense of Obama and castigated Hannity for being petty and partisan for refusing to give the President even the slightest credit for something that has made all Americans proud.

A visibly disturbed and caught-unprepared Hannity attempted to backtrack, backpaddle, “I didn’t mean it that way,” “don’t misunderstand me,” etc., but Goldberg would not buy it.

The entire exchange should be out soon on the blogs, unless Hannity censors it, as apparently some who comment on his blog are claiming that their comments are being deleted.

(One comment reads: What happened to all of the comments BASHING hannity for his attempts to criticize obama’s handling of the pirate situation? I was just reading through like 10 comments in a row of people bashing hannity for his failed effort – and then they just disappeared..Too funny.)

Here are a couple of typical comments on Hannity’s blog: (typos and all)

Listen to Bernie Goldberg, Sean……he showed common sense and knows the real meaning of ‘fair and unbiased’. YOU, my friend, projected an immature mindset of ‘let’s dig for the negative, regardless of the facts’ and should be embarrased. I watched the events of the pirate situation all weekend on FOX network and was taken by surprise that your show appears to be the only one that attempted to twist the outcome. Shame on you….give credit where credit is due and grow up!


Bernie made you look like a speechless doughhead! I cannot stand Obama & have very little good to say about him -especially in the area of foreign affairs or national security. However, you were just laughable with that big mouth of yours going agape when Bernie told you that you were being ‘petty’.
Hook, line and sinker – you swallowed it whole and made Rahmbo’s boy look so much better.
Lot’s of people are trusting you to show some wisdom & discernment – quit beating the pots &…


Shame, shame, Hannity. You stoop as low, if not lower, than the left wing media in belittling our Presidents involvement in the rescue of the ship Captain. You got it WRONG. He did have a choice, he made the right one, and I, a republican, am proud of his decision. You, and your attempt to paint the President’s involvement as frivolous? Not so much. There is a reason O’Reily is number one, and your not.


Of course, some will claim that these are just liberal “seminar callers.”

UPDATE: You can now watch the video of the the Goldberg smack down of Hannity (Hot Air claims it wasn’t a smack down—you be the judge) here.

The Fox banner “Your America—Spinning the Pirate Crisis” and the running-script-lie “WH steered clear of pirate crisis until it was successfully resolved” (The President, in fact, was intimately and continuously involved in the crisis), clearly show the devious intentions of Hannity and his network.