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Posted by on Oct 31, 2010 in International, Media, Places, Politics, Religion, War | 0 comments

Saudi Arabia Again Proves Mettle Battling Terrorism: Al Seyassah, Kuwait

Who deserves the credit for uncovering the Halloween parcel bomb plot? According to the editor-in-chief of Kuwait’s Al Seyassah, Ahmad Abdal Aziz Al Jarallah, that glory should go to the Saudi security services and their leader, King Abdullah Bin Abd Al Aziz. Jarallah credits the Saudi king with pursuing the most effective ways of battling the global ‘disease’ of terrorism, and referring to fundamentalist Christianity, for seeking a ‘historic dialogue between religions’ to squelch extremism on ‘both sides.’

For Al Seyassah, Ahmad Abdal Aziz Al Jarallah writes in part:

Recent events have once again proven the correctness of the Saudi approach under the guidance of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques in the fight against terrorism, the healthy measures the Saudis have taken to disrupt the schemes of lost groups who have not only dropped from their lexicon all terms that stand for humanity, but have adopted as tactics the massacre of innocents and the infringement of private behavior. Such tactics are very damaging to orthodox Islam, which is as far away from terrorism as one can get.

The Saudi security services played a major role in the recent detection of parcel bombs and in warning a number of countries; and before that, the warning about terrorist attacks being planned by these lost groups in a number of European countries. This is why the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques received the thanks of President Barack Obama, leader of the world’s most important country, and a number of European leaders.

The vision shown by Saudi Arabia is based on the fact that the fight against extremism cannot be directed unilaterally, because every extremism creates a counterpart on the opposite extreme, and therefore, a dialogue of religions to counter ignorance on the other side is required to bring these differing communities together. That is the best cure for the disease of our times, because terrorism has no religion to identify it and is present in every society, as it is in our own. Hence the historic call of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques for a convergence of understanding between religions to put an end to the risk of unthinkable bloodshed practiced by terrorist groups, of which the lost groups are today the most apparent.

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