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Posted by on Nov 22, 2011 in Media, Politics | 2 comments

Sarah Palin Reportedly Upsets Her Boss Roger Ailes

Resigned Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s political star ain’t what it used to be — particularly once she announced that despite a loooooooooooooooong political tease she wasn’t going to run for President. And particularly since she didn’t announce it on Fox. Which upset Fox News maven Roger Ailes.

Why did she go to talker Mark Levin instead?

For the same reason she often appears on Greta Van Susteren’s show and Sean Hannity’s show: she rewards her loyal backers (some would say unofficial p.r. agents). And she was mad at Fox News. Why did she not only bite the hand that not just feeds her but gives her millions of dollar a high profile platform, and reporters and talk show hosts aiming softball questions at her so she escapes serious mainstream media scrutiny like other political mortals?

It’s because they dared to air the viewpoints of Republican establishment powerhouse Karl Rove — who “wasn’t nice” to her.

So since Fox wouldn’t control every viewpoint to make it Sarah Palin Public Relations TV, she went to Mark Levin.

Ailes reportedly was not pleased. And some wonder whether her contract will be renewed in 2013.

Details HERE.

(To Roger Ailes: Don’t despair. There is a Palin replacement waiting in the wings. Soon you can give Herman Cain a call…)