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Posted by on Mar 11, 2012 in Media | 4 comments

Sally Kohn: Fox’s Liberal Lesbian

Makes this good point:

I find most liberals who are critical of Fox news don’t watch it. They have a perspective informed by clips they see on The Daily Show, or the most outrageous thing that they’ve ever seen passed around that Sean Hannity said, but they’re not watching the day-to-day news coverage which is really thoughtful and the probing debates on some of the hot topics of the day. In truth, I get to go on and fight hard for what I believe in. No one tells me what to say. Frankly, I feel like I get to fight harder on Fox than I did on other networks because at Fox they like their punches pulled. If people really tuned in and watched they would be impressed by how engaging, interesting and provocative the shows are.

Read the full interview. Do we moderates expect the Fox News course correction to last?