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Posted by on May 12, 2006 in At TMV | 11 comments

Rush Limbaugh Veers Towards No-No Territory

So Rush Limbaugh reportedly said Iran’s President’s letter to President George Bush had “the Democratic talking points, other than Israel, and even there… even some liberal Hollywood Jewish people talking point.”

Now, aside from Rush deciding to use a letter from Iran’s President to demonize an entire political party (read that meaning “stir up hatred of”), this is veering into new terroritory that has to be called for it was: intentional or otherwise, anti-semitic rhetoric, the kind that has gone on for ages.

You mean, Rush, that no Catholics in Hollywood might share these “talking points” you attribute to the Democratic party? You mean, no Protestants would? No Scientologists would? If so, why didn’t you mention them as well? Why just “Jewish people?”

But, you see, once you begin to demonize an entire people, or a entire party (unless we’re wrong, didn’t you get upset at quotes by Howard Dean some time back suggesting all Republicans were basically wealthy white men?) it’s truly hard to know when to stop.

So if people who aren’t dittoheads who have a “J” in front of the name of their religion tune into Rush will they one day hear about “hamburgers that even some Jewish people eat,” or stores that “even some Jewish people shop at?” Or Chinese restaurants “that even some Jewish people eat at” (well, THAT one is a given..)?

Rush: Those of us who aren’t the same religion as you flattered are greatly flattered that you’re thinking of us so much.

But for your future information: many of us do enjoy being part of the melting pot so you can spare singling us out when you decide to demonize a political party — or a group.