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Posted by on Jun 19, 2012 in Politics | 4 comments

Romney’s Scary and Stupid Foreign Policy

If you don’t read Daniel Larison you should.  He is all over Willard Romney’s foolish and scary foreign policy which has been constructed by old cold war warriors and neo-cons.  Today we have this:

When Romney Calls for “Resolve and Strength,” He Is Endorsing Recklessness and Aggression


Mitt Romney is still harping on the 2009 missile defense decision:

I think it was an enormous mistake to give them that and what he got in return shows the extraordinary naiveté of a Presidency that does not understand the power of resolve and strength.

Let’s try a thought experiment. Suppose that Obama hadn’t cancelled the Bush-era missile defense plan, but had gone ahead with it as planned. This presumably would have proven American “resolve and strength” and put the Russians on notice that (horrible) Bush-era Russia policy was going to continue. Apparently, resolve and strength are proven by wasting money on something that doesn’t reliably work to maintain the fiction that the U.S. is being protected against an Iranian long-range missile threat that doesn’t exist, but never mind that. In fact, the very limited concession on the Bush-era missile defense plan was an essential gesture of goodwill that convinced Moscow that Obama was serious in trying to develop a more constructive relationship with Russia. If Romney had his way, that gesture would never have happened.

Russia is just one example.  For more head over to Larison’s place to see what he has written about Romney.