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Posted by on Oct 23, 2012 in Featured, Politics | 42 comments

Romney’s muddled Middle Eastern geography

Syria is Iran's route to the sea

Since at least last December, Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has insisted that Syria is Iran’s “route to the sea.”

He has said this publicly at least seven times, the most recent being during Monday night’s debate.

Once, consider it a slip of the tongue. At least seven times? Sticking to message.

But what is the message?

Well, one message is that a politician can keep repeating a blatant falsehood related to foreign policy. Your base could care less. And the news media? They don’t seem to care, either. Oh, wait, we went down that road in 2002-2003, with “weapons of mass destruction.”

Romney adds that Syria is Iran’s sole ally, which seems to be the only reason news organizations don’t rap his knuckles. Then he criticizes the current administration for … not being more involved in Syria’s democratic movement. But we can’t send troops, of course. But we can arm the citizenry. (Vietnam, anyone? Afghanistan, anyone?)

He talks a tough line about dealing with Middle Eastern leaders and then says, in talking about Iran, that he’s going to follow Ronald Reagan’s policies.

Now that’s a slip of memory. Iran-Contra, anyone?

Check out the Storify: it’s me channeling Jon Stewart.