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Posted by on Aug 12, 2012 in Guest Contributor, Politics | 2 comments

Romney Campaign Required Multiple Years of Tax Returns from Paul Ryan, Why Won’t He Do the Same?

Adam Zyglis, The Buffalo News

The Mitt Romney campaign examined multiple years of Paul Ryan’s tax returns before he was chosen as the vice presidential nominee, so how come the American people can’t see more than a year and one-half of Mitt Romney’s tax returns? In fact, it was a requirement of the campaign. Shouldn’t we be able to vet him in much the same manner as he vetted Paul Ryan? Talk about hypocrisy and hubris.

Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign requested “several” years of tax returns from potential vice presidential picks, senior adviser Beth Myers, who ran the search, told reporters Saturday.

Myers said vetting documents were stored in safes in a secure room at campaign headquarters for review by attorneys. Asked what was inside the safes, Myers replied “tax documents, everything we used.” And how many years? “Several” she said, declining to provide a more specific number. Source

He has said he fears that the Obama campaign and the media will distort the contents of any other returns he might release, Buzzfeed reports. But if he has nothing to hide, what’s the problem? People will realize the Obama campaign is blowing smoke over nothing. Seems to me that Mitt Romney held the vice presidential candidate to a higher standard than he expects the American people to hold him. Total hypocrisy. Now the Obama campaign has Paul Ryan’s budget to attack him on, along with his tax return problem, his offshore bank accounts, calling for his business record to be taken off the table, among other things. This was a shot-gun wedding between he and Paul Ryan, that came from a campaign that is bearish on its chances of beating Obama. He is already distancing himself from Ryan’s budget, but that train has already left the station. You know, the same one Paul Ryan wants to throw Medicare and Medicaid recipients, students and the middle class from and stack it with only the ultra-rich.

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