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Posted by on Oct 9, 2011 in At TMV, Guest Contributor, Politics | 11 comments

Rev. Al Sharpton, Professor Question Herman Cain’s “Black Authenticity” & Slams His Comments About Unemployment & Poverty by Saying “Start with Your Mama”

Rev. Al Sharpton and a professor recently debated the “blackness” of GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain. Sharpton tore into Cain, saying “how could anyone in their right mind that grew up in the South and saw what they saw, sat up there and act like everybody that is unemployed and not rich did it to themselves.” “Start with your Mama,” Sharpton said. Tough words coming from an ultra-liberal, but he is absolutely right about Cain’s position on wealth and poverty. I won’t question anyone’s “blackness,” because that’s irrelevant in the grand scheme of things and keeps us bogged down by stereotypical beliefs. Sharpton and his guest were clearly wrong to question Cain’s “blackness.”

You see, Herman Cain, grew up in the South at the height of the civil rights movement, so it’s quite obvious he knew exactly how blacks were denigrated and overtly discriminated against. He knew how economically repressed the black community was at that time. Kathryn Stockett’s book and movie, “The Help,” speaks to that dark period in our history in this country.

Cain also attended Morehouse College, where he excelled as a student, but more importantly, he attended a predominantly black school and he later married a black woman. So, this begs the question of what happened? How could he be so cold towards the poor and the unemployed? He said he could get the majority of the black vote if he went up against President Obama in the general election. Really? Um, when donkeys fly, particularly since he seems to loathe the poor and unemployed in this country. Sharpton is right, Herman Cain will not appeal to the African American community holding such views and positions on the issues concerning poverty and race.

(This article was cross-posted from The Hinterland Gazette)

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