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Posted by on Aug 9, 2012 in Politics | 0 comments

Republican Primary Choice of this Nutcase May Save the Day for Democrats

Democrats are widely thought to have caught a break in Missouri [Tuesday] night, because Rep. Todd Akin prevailed in the GOP primary to face Senator Claire McCaskill — her weakest opponent. Akin has a history of over-the-top statements which Steve Benen documents right here; he has compared federal involvement in student loans to a “stage three cancer of socialism” and has said liberalism is grounded in “hatred of God.”

But Dems believe Akin may have another serious vulnerability — not just what he has said, but how he has voted. Akin has repeatedly voted against measures that passed the House with overwhelming bipartisan support, votes that Dems will point to as evidence of how far Akin is out of the mainstream, even among Republicans. …Greg Sargent, WaPo

Sargent lists Akin’s most extreme votes, far enough out for this candidate to be the easiest Republican to defeat in Missouri — though not all that easy, unfortunately.

No question, this is going to be a tough race for McCaskill; the Real Clear Politics average has Akin currently up by three points. But in a general election, Akin’s true ideological nature is likely to receive far more scrutiny than it did in the GOP primary. Many have compared Akin to candidates like Christine O’Donnell, who cost the GOP a Senate seat they should have won. But Akin, unlike O’Donnell, doesn’t just have a history of outsized public statements; he has an actual voting record to go along with it. …Greg Sargent,