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Posted by on May 12, 2005 in At TMV | 0 comments

Recommended reading, and a question

The Bull Moose questions the current priorities in Washington, especially regarding judicial nominations:

Under any circumstances, this partisan confrontation would be annoying and unnecessary. But, it is particularly distressing that our political leaders could not find a way to resolve their differences while the nation is at war. We have returned to a pre-9/11 politics with a vengeance. Forget about national unity, partisan advantage is job #1. If we had a President who was truly “a uniter and not a divider” he would put an end to this nuclear madness.

The entire post is recommended reading.

It brings to mind the question: If President Bush truly wanted to be “a united and not a divider” then why did he renominate candidates for the federal judiciary that the Democrats had already said were unacceptable and had filibustered against?

In other words, given that 95% of his nominees have been passed without filibuster, why appear to deliberately provoke a confrontation over the 5%?