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Posted by on Aug 12, 2008 in War | 2 comments

Radio: Hating it when you’re right

01aradio.png Given the rapidly unfolding (or perhaps collapsing would be a better word) situation between Georgia and Russia, (more on that below) Cindy and I will be taking to the airwaves today on a special edition of Mid Stream Radio at noon eastern time (11 am central, 9 am pacific) for a roundtable discussion of the latest news and what it all means. We’ll be joined by TMV’s very own Shaun Mullen, as well as the possibility of a couple other surprise guests. You can join us at the link above and/or by calling in to voice your own opinion at (646) 595-3963.

As to the big story of the day, it appears that Russia – as predicted – is already calling off their little war. I could expound on this quite a bit, but BJ at Newshoggers has already done the heavy lifting.

Well, Russia has apparently had enough fun beating down the Georgians for now and President Medvedev is ordering an end to military operations. Despite the increasingly hysterical claims of a full-fledged invasion and take-over of Georgia, it is unclear yet whether or not the Russian did any more than launch a single raid outside of the breakaway regions with ground troops, instead relying on air power to bomb the Georgian staging areas and other military targets.

Probably for the best given the Georgian army’s panicked scattering from Gori on the mere rumour the Russians were coming show that they aren’t exactly fit to defend much of anything right now.

While we’ll be going into some of the details during the course of the show, BJ also points us to the somewhat snarky analysis of The War Nerd.

1. The Georgians started it.
2. They lost.
3. What a beautiful little war!

Number three is uncalled for, but as they say, “en snarkus, veritas.”

UPDATE: We will also be joined by our Editor in Chief, Joe Gandelman and Ron Beasley from Newshoggers.
See you on the radio.