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Posted by on Mar 4, 2013 in Media, Politics | 12 comments

Quote of the Day: Mitt Romney Can’t Move On and Reveals His Fatal Political Flaw

I can’t even comment on First Read’s take on former Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s Fox News interview since First Read says it all. But I will offer two quickies:

(1) Romney is unable to move on.
(2) There will be no group of GOPers within the party battling to keep Romney’s principles and political spirit alive. How can you keep alive that which is difficult (if not impossible) to unearth? First Read:

*** Unable to move on: In his first interview since losing last year’s presidential election, Mitt Romney made it pretty clear through his words and tone that he hasn’t moved on from his loss. “I look at what’s happening right now, I wish I were there. It kills me not to be there, not to be in the White House doing what needs to be done.” Ditto his wife, Ann. “It was a crushing disappointment. Not for us. Our lives are going to be fine. It’s for the country.” Given that the Romneys haven’t moved on, it raises this question: Why did they do the interview? In fairness to Romney, he’s not the first losing presidential candidate to have a hard time getting over a loss — George McGovern, John McCain and Al Gore all come to mind. Not everyone ends up like Mondale or Dole and moves immediately to elder statesman status. By the way, don’t miss what Romney said about his infamous “47%” comment: “What I said is not what I believe.” Folks, that one sentence sums up Romney’s two failed presidential bids.