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Posted by on Mar 19, 2009 in Economy | 0 comments

Quote of the Day: Is Geithner On Borrowed Time Or Should He Get More Time?

Should Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner be on borrowed time — or should he be given more time?
In our political quote of the day Andrew Sullivan weighs in and, after looking at four key points, writes:

Frankly, I see some screw-ups here, but I can also see a strategy that strikes a pretty good balance between competing demands of getting enough Wall Street cooperation to pull off a banking recovery, keeping public outrage from prolonging the recession, and enforcing new regulation on an out-of-control private sector.

Call me a shill if you want, but after a couple of months, I’m prepared to give the guy a chance.

There are many arguments on both sides about Geithner. Even the most simple has a counter argument. IT HAS ONLY BEEN SIX WEEKS. But the U.S. can’t afford another six weeks like this. ON SOME THINGS HE IS PROVING TO BE OUT OF THE LOOP. He’s too far in the loop with corporate interests and Wall Street to make the hard decisions to bring about the necessary change. Etc…