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Posted by on Jan 25, 2012 in Politics | 5 comments

Quote of the Day: Ann Coulter Argues for Romney and Against Gingrich

Yes that day has arrived and I never thought it would (although years ago I did do a serious, stand-back and analyze review of one of her earlier books). Our political Quote of the Day comes from Ann Coulter’s new column where Coulter, who is aggressively supporting former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney for the 2012 Republican nomination, makes the case for GOPers for picking Romney and not former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. Her support stems from one fact: she wants the Republican Party to win and sees Gingrich as not just a disaster but as someone who is disguising who he really is by hitting hot buttons.

Here’s the beginning of her column, titled “Re-elect Obama: Vote Newt”:

To talk with Gingrich supporters is to enter a world where words have no meaning. They denounce Mitt Romney as a candidate being pushed on them by “the Establishment” — with “the Establishment” defined as anyone who supports Romney or doesn’t support Newt.

Gingrich may have spent his entire life in Washington and be so much of an insider that, as Jon Stewart says, “when Washington gets its prostate checked, it tickles [Newt],” but he is deemed the rebellious outsider challenging “the Establishment” — because, again, “the Establishment” is anyone who opposes Newt.

This is the sort of circular reasoning one normally associates with Democrats, people whom small-town pharmacists refer to as “drug seekers” and Ron Paul supporters.

Newtons claim Romney is a “moderate,” and Gingrich the true conservative — a feat that can be accomplished only by refusing to believe anything Romney says … and also refusing to believe anything Gingrich says.

— Romney’s one great “flip-flop” is on abortion. (I thought the reason we argued with people about abortion was to try to get them to “flip-flop” on this issue. Sometimes it works!)

And, after making her pitch, she ends with this:

Romney is the most electable candidate not only because it will be nearly impossible for the media to demonize this self-made Mormon square, devoted to his wife and church, but precisely because he is the most conservative candidate.

Conservatism is an electable quality. Hotheaded arrogance is neither conservative nor attractive to voters.

Go to the link to read it in full.