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Posted by on Jan 22, 2009 in Places, Politics, Religion, War | 4 comments

Qaddafi, Isratine and the one state solution in NYT op-ed

Read it here.

An excerpt:

Assimilation is already a fact of life in Israel. There are more than one million Muslim Arabs in Israel; they possess Israeli nationality and take part in political life with the Jews, forming political parties. On the other side, there are Israeli settlements in the West Bank. Israeli factories depend on Palestinian labor, and goods and services are exchanged. This successful assimilation can be a model for Isratine.

If the present interdependence and the historical fact of Jewish-Palestinian coexistence guide their leaders, and if they can see beyond the horizon of the recent violence and thirst for revenge toward a long-term solution, then these two peoples will come to realize, I hope sooner rather than later, that living under one roof is the only option for a lasting peace.

Now – who has been urging, since this most recent conflict began, that people own up to what solution they want, why and how it would be implemented and function?

And pointing people to articles like this one about how Israel squanders the possibilities it has in the Israeli Arab population?

That would be me, me and me.

I know I’m supposed to want a two-state solution, but especially in regard to Israel, I often don’t want what people say I’m supposed to want. The only thing I know I want is for the violence, animosity and acculturation to conflict to end.

Let’s get this discussion of solutions going for goodness sake.

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