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Posted by on Aug 19, 2010 in Politics, Religion | 0 comments

Presidential Theology

Here are a couple of things that have caught my attention this week:

President Obama is a Muslim – According to a poll by the Pew Center, nearly 1 out of 5 people (18%) think that the President is a Muslim while 34% think he is a Christian and 48% have not got a clue what faith he may have.

It is amazing to me that this is a story coming from a country that has systematically erased tenets of Christianity from every organization of government. In recent years, their have been lawsuits that have been successful in taking down the Ten Commandments in government buildings in this country.

We have had numerous Presidents who have confessed Christianity publicly, but like Machiavelli”s The Prince, they have done all manner of activities (including infidelity) that are not Christian. I would take a God fearing Muslim over a sinful Christian any day of the week. I do not know if President Obama is a Muslim. It would concern me because as a Christian we are supposed to speak the truth.

The WTC Mosque – I have stayed quiet on this issue for a while but here are my two cents. Are you kidding me? I have two issues with the President’s stand on supporting a mosque at the WTC site. 1) As an American, I am annoyed that the President of the United States would be oblivious to the will of 61% of the American people who clearly do not want it placed there. 2) As a political science professor, it may be the final straw that delivers the Congress to the Republicans in the fall elections.

As if his party is not in bad enough shape facing the loss of Congress and probably most of the state houses around the country, the President adds more fuel for the anti-incumbent / anti-Democratic fervor by finding the one issue that will turn event the most supportive independent and/or Reagan Democrat away voter away from the Democratic brand this election cycle.

Nancy Pelosi may have to ask herself one question between now and November 2nd: How can we limit the media exposure of the most reported on person in the world?