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Posted by on May 16, 2009 in Society, War | 0 comments

Pondering The Enduring Impact Of World War II

Sometimes events resonate way beyond their official end. And so it is with World War II. And Cathy Young gives us the specifics:

I have two new articles out, both dealing with the legacy of World War II (the occasion being Victory in Europe Day on May 8, and Russia’s Victory Day May 9).

My debut on, Victory Day Festivities In Moscow, examines that legacy in Russia, where the very real pride and grief the people feel over their country’s victory and sacrifice in the war against Nazi Germany are exploited for its own ends by the authoritarian regime in power. Meanwhile, my latest column, Lessons From World War II, looks at the mythology of the “Good War” that prevails in both Russia and the United States, with startling similarities in some cases, and at the enduring influence of that mythology in our own time — as well as the difficult and relevant questions WWII poses about war and morality.

My conclusion:

Go to the link to her site to read her conclusion…and then go to each link in her post.