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Posted by on Jul 31, 2012 in Economy | 8 comments

Peasants With Pitchforks (AR15s)

Billionaire Jeff Greene is getting a little nervous:

Greene gazes across the bay at the multi-million-dollar houses peeking from behind the trees. I assume he’s quietly contemplating acquiring even more of the shoreline, but then he says something surprising. “If somebody wanted to go after a rich person,” he observes, “they have got their pick of the litter out here.”

I’ve heard that some members of the 1% are building bolt holes – a secure place we they can hide out in times of trouble.  Greene does not say he has but he’s worried about the situation.

“This is my fear, and it’s a real, legitimate fear,” Greene says, revving up the engine. “You have this huge, huge class of people who are impoverished. If we keep doing what we’re doing, we will build a class of poor people that will take over this country, and the country will not look like what it does today. It will be a different economy, rights, all that stuff will be different.”


This whole idea of American exceptionalism, that we’re the greatest, when people don’t have health insurance, don’t have housing,” he says,

This is not new.  FDR’s New Deal was supported and in fact designed by the very rich because they feared the same thing a revolution or at the very least a disruption.